This is the Suit Bar Custom Clothier.
Where the story of expert craftmanship and elevated suiting experiences continue.

Our boutique approach to formal attire pays homage to the past, a time where tailors focused on their clients in a relaxed and private environment to create a truly personalized garment.

Our heritage is based on relationships – with our clients, with the fabrics, and with every stitch. Understanding a client's personality, their lifestyle and their needs for a garment are key to delivering an extraordinary result. Because a suit shouldn't be anything less than extraordinary.

Today, these same values are at the foundation at the Suit Bar. It's a place where tailoring reigns supreme and classic suiting is redefined for the modern gentleman. Expect an exclusive experience, custom options, and a comfortable environment where you can relax and explore the incredible world of suiting as it was meant to be – with style, class and a dash of unexpected

Style, Craft, and Pride

It all started with a passion for form and fit – plus, an eye for incredible design. This is our recipe for a fine result, and it hasn't changed since 1955.

Rooted in Tradition

Our past is built on the foundation of custom clothiers, who brought their artisan skills with them from across the Atlantic. Paired with their Mediterranean flair, each garment designed pays homage to the rich history of expert makers who passed their knowledge down through each generation.

Tailored to perfection

The art of tailoring is precise. Almost a decade of family-tradition and dedication towards this meticulous craft elevates all our made-to-measure and suiting experiences.

Personalized garments

Each piece unique, personal, and impeccably finished for its owner. From a button adjustment or a tapered hem, to a custom lining or an unexpected lapel – we focus on the details for an exceptional result.